My favorite thing to do is think. 

I think about creative ways for brands to achieve goals—like showing appreciation for consumers, engaging with audiences, selling more products, causing social change, or making new people aware.

With experience in out-of-home, in-store, print, web systems, UX, display advertising, social media, digital video, mobile, influencers, experiential, and e-commerce, I have done this for CPG, beauty, transportation, communication, fashion, entertainment, financial healthcare, federal, and charitable brands some of which include Disney, Amazon, and LEGO.  

I have developed the skills necessary for sharing these ideas in a clear and communicative way by learning about narrative, storytelling, and character development. 

I also like thinking about making things work better. While at Disney, my team thought of a better way to caption digital images. This thinking resulted in a United States Patent for Feature Sensitive Captioning of Media Content.​​​​​​​
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