ROLE: Creative Direction (partnered with Lead Copywriter)

CHALLENGE: Our challenge was to redesign in a way that would make people visit the MiraLAX website for more than just the downloadable coupon.

INSIGHT: Beyond the purchase, we win by delivering content that connects emotionally—because we know that constipation is a highly emotional issue.

SOLUTION/CONCEPT: "Take Back Control": Consumers who arrive on the site seek specific answers to their constipation. Let’s ask them what they’re looking for and lead them to answers that will help them live a better life through MiraLAX. We will be the candid friend who empowers you to speak freely and take control. We will achieve this through light touch personalization.  I worked very closely with both the strategy and the UX teams on a daily basis while managing a team of six to seven creatives. The existing site wasn't successful as people weren't interacting with the brand. Visitors would arrive on, stay only long enough to download a coupon, and never visit again. We realized the entire site needed an update: updated visuals, structure, tone, and function.
We determined the site's purpose, how to differentiate/relevant the brand digitally, identified user goals when visiting the site (Awareness, Trial, Consideration), and optimized and connected to the eCommerce experience on Content consumption can drive commerce intent as much as commerce intent can drive content consumption.
Shared how the proposed design was more closely aligned with the user's goals
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