Company: POSSIBLE New York  /  Role: Lead Visual Creative (partnered with Lead Copywriter)
CHALLENGE: The challenge was to introduce the new interface and branding to the people who would be interacting with the brand the most: Petfinder's staff.  
INSIGHT: Most of Petfinder's staff is employed on a volunteer basis. It was important to make these people feel they were an important part of where the brand was headed.
CONCEPT: After rebranding Petfinder, redesigning the consumer-facing website, and redesigning the administrative site experience, we decided to make the Petfinder staff a big part of the brand launch. We believe that the people behind the scenes are the facilitators of all the new friendships the brand is inspiring. Our concept highlighted the importance of Petfinder employees—that this new look and new experience was for them. And as a result, we wanted to make sure they were onboard with the changes. 
We created an admin campaign that consisted of a teaser video, a tutorial video, a series of animated GIFs, print collateral to be used at conferences, and multiple email templates. 

Teaser Video served to excite the staff about new things that were coming soon.

There was a lot of storyboarding involved.
We created a series of tutorial videos to be released after launch that go into detail about how to use the updated system.
Then, we created additional digital collateral to get the word out among the Petfinder community.  
The entire campaign was very well received. 

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